NJ Wood Pellets Delivery, yes we deliver!

We now carry Reading Anthracite Coal. and EZ Equine horse bedding pellets

Till further notice our Warehouse hours will be by appointment only.

We offer home delivery of Fuel Blocks, Wood Pellets, Ice Melts, and Water Softener salt, Equine Bedding Pellets included.
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Located in the center of the state in northern Burlington County, NJ Pellet Fuel is ideally situated to service your needs, whether you wish to pick up or have us deliver to you. Our primary delivery area is parts of Monmouth and Hunterton, and all of Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Ocean and Atlantice Counties. Our secondary area may have minimum order size for us to deliver. With our new truck mounted forklift, we can now unload our truck at the curb and bring your order right up the driveway to your garage with ease.  Put this together with weekend deliveries (limitations on distance applies), and you can't go wrong.

We carry a diverse product line that gives you the choice as to what works best for your stove. No box store junk here. We will only supply the best quality Wood Pellets, Bagged Antracite (hard) Coal, Pressed Wood Blocks. We also carry Softener Salt, and Ice control Salt. All clean, palletized for ease of delivery.

Last year we all had a tough heating season, and we are now hearing the long range forecasts for this coming winter. Stock up now and avoid being without.

In winter we are all strapped. Stocking up during the summer lets you take advantage of off season savings when supplies are more plentiful, and making for one less worry during the cold winter months.